The recently completed One Santa Fe project is on the cover of the August issue of Architectural Review.  The issue highlights new architecture in the United States. Speaking about both One Santa Fe and MMA’s nearby Star Apartments (2014) architect Florian Idenburg notes  Michael Maltzan’s “embrace of the raw and given – the reality of the everyday in all its looseness and unpredictability.  This engagement with the real is helping Maltzan to add two significant projects to LA’s evolving downtown less than a mile apart.”  Idenburg goes on to note in his review that “Somewhere in the amalgam of new realizes, housing subsidies, affordability rations, zoning requirements, ROI models and parking quota, Maltzan is able to create two projects that are both unique and memorable.  In addition to that, in their pragmatism and embrace of the currents of our time, they for a casual manifesto of how the city could transform.”  The article includes photographs by Iwan Baan.