The new Sixth Street Viaduct by Michael Maltzan Architecture and engineering firm HNTB is featured in the article “One Day Soon L.A. May Be Known for the Beauty of Its Bridges” posted on The Atlantic Cities website.  The article briefly traces the history of L.A.’s iconic bridges over the Los Angeles River and a variety of new bridge designs in the Los Angeles area.  Michael Maltzan stated that the city’s bridges and crossings are not purely functional but that “they can and should be amenities to the community – economic, physical, and aesthetic.”

The Sixth Street Viaduct design is the product of an international competition held by the City of Los Angeles, an unusual process for an infrastructure project.  The design is sensitive to the historic opportunity to create a transformative new element over the Los Angeles River that connects the neighborhoods of Boyle Heights to the east and the Arts District to the west.  The project integrates vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian circulation, new riverfront recreation landscapes, and urban cultural and civic spaces.  Currently in design, the completion date is set for 2018.