The Bettina is a limited-edition architectural pavilion designed for REVOLUTION that debuted at Design Miami in 2015. It is simple in silhouette yet also a complex three-dimensional form.  Recalling the iconic style and pyramidal form of the classic white tent, the contemporary pavilion is simultaneously  geometrically taut and sensually draped across the structural frame.  Each profile peak is extruded diagonally making a roof of two ridges that appear different from every angle.  Whether perched over beachfront sands or hovering within an expansive green field, each individual pavilion will make a striking addition to the landscape.  When linked together, multiple tents will make one large pavilion, defined by a series of undulating peaks that create a soft, crenellated profile on the horizon.


TYPE / Limited edition architectural pavilion
SIZE / 36 square meters
ROLE / Design Architect