The Brickyard at Playa Vista offices are the latest addition to an expanding campus of technology and creative media office spaces in the heart of Los Angeles’ Playa Vista community.

The new development consists of two buildings containing a total of 425,300 square feet of office space. The distinctive building facades made of thin brick with white engobe finish create a visual gateway into the Playa Vista campus while also serving as an extension of the highly active recreational spaces of the adjacent Central Park at Playa Vista. Prominent retail spaces with inviting outdoor areas are positioned at the building’s corner closest to the park and the Playa Vista residential neighborhood making them welcoming stopping places for visitors coming to and from the site.  A 9,000 sf daycare will provide employees’ families with convenient on-site childcare with unique access to the space and facilities of Central Park. The buildings complete the campus master plan, an urban vision that redefines the relationship between live, work, and play within the city.

The larger of the two buildings, which is located on a unique L-shaped Parcel 1, is comprised of two slender bar volumes that extend diagonally outward from the corner of Jefferson Boulevard and Campus Center Drive.  These are connected by a floating volume that bridges one to the other so that, seen together, the building resembles a wishbone shape in plan.  The orientation of the massing maximizes views to the park while framing and preserving views to other office buildings within the development.   The building roofline steps to respond to the tiered height restrictions of the Playa campus to create the opportunity for a series of roof terraces.  On the park side, the building form opens to create a courtyard that seamlessly merges the new open space with the existing park landscape.

The smaller building on Parcel 2 is situated at the end of the Central Park axis.  Its position and volume creates a strong presence within the landscape, making it a landmark for the entire development.  The building massing is composed of a series of stacked rectangular volumes that shift back and forth as the form rises to create a sense of dynamic movement, while its height and siting lends itself to uninterrupted views across the entire park.

The Brickyard is LEED Gold certified.

Project renderings by Steelblue.

LOCATION / Los Angeles, California
TYPE / Office complex with on-site retail and daycare amenities
SIZE / 425,300 square feet
STATUS / Completed 2017
ROLE / Design Architect
CLIENT / Tishman Speyer